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Matthew Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Secondary Mathematics Education

matthew campbell

(304) 293-4714

Assistant Professor of Secondary Mathematics Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies, WVU College of Education and Human Services

My research and teaching is focused on transforming the way in which teacher candidates are prepared and practicing teachers and teacher leaders are supported. That work takes shape in one of three ways: (1) understanding the work of teaching, the mathematical and pedagogical skills needed for that work, and the role and influence of the school context; (2) investigating novel practice-focused pedagogies that provide opportunities for teachers to investigate and enact the work of teaching; and (3) examining the pathways and supports that meet the needs of the state, region, and country in terms of teacher recruitment, certification, and retention.

Time as a high school mathematics teacher in New York and North Carolina after graduating from N.C. State helped me appreciate the complex work of teaching, the need for specialized knowledge and skills to do it well, and the need for us all to reconsider what mathematics teaching and learning in schools should entail. I also saw the need for initial teacher education and continuing professional development that prepares individuals to succeed in schools and to continue developing in order to provide each student with equitable opportunities to engage and participate in meaningful mathematics.

My role here at WVU provides me with the opportunity to work and learn with prospective teachers, teachers, and teacher leaders both at the university and in schools. I pursue research questions with colleagues here at WVU as well as across the country that allow me to think deeply about that work and to inform the larger field of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. 

Research Interests:

  • Practice-focused teacher education
  • Rehearsal and instructional coaching to support teachers and teacher candidates
  • Sociocultural perspectives to understand and analyze teacher practice and development
  • Teacher preparation pathways and program transformation
  • Use of video in teacher education and professional development
  • Video analysis in research