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K-12 STEM Education programs strive to implement creative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics projects in K-12 classrooms to help foster a healthy understanding of STEM fields among educators and school-age children.

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Summer Research Experience

An opportunity for teachers to work with scientific researchers, and to apply their research experiences in their classrooms. 

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Garden-Based Learning

Instead of simply telling students about the growth cycle, teachers help elementary school students to actively manipulate soil, worms, seeds, and plants in scientific exploration.

arts and bots

Arts & Bots Project

Combines artistic building, engineering design, and simple computer programming skills to build a three-dimensional art project that the students then animate using simple robotic components.


Gigapan Technology

Students are taught to set up the robotics platform and take photos, employ the stitching software to construct panoramic “Gigapan” images from the photos to display at the site.